Custom Zipper Packaging

When most folks think of needing a zipper, they think of the actual items they may need, which of course we can help with. But what folks do not always think about is the way those items are packaged and how that may affect the way they use the products or even resell them. Let me explain further. We once had a customer that made futon covers in New York City. They had been getting nylon zipper chain from a trim company that sold many types of items for companies in the sewing business. The zippers that they sold however were only offered in two colors and packaged on what we call skeins, flatten spools without a core of any kind, much like a skein of yarn is sold. The supplier did not think much about the choices they were giving this customer in terms of the colors or the way they were supplying the product to the shop where it was being consumed. Skeins can become a real bird’s nest if unwound the wrong way. When this futon cover company found Supreme Zipper Industries while searching for a better variety of colors, they did not realize a more important need they had was going to be met. As is usual here at Supreme Zipper Industries, we spoke with this then potential customer at length about their operation. They initially wanted more colors so the zipper chains better matched all the colors they offered in futon covers; that was the easy part, we had over 150 colors from which they chose. What came next was a surprise to them; we asked how they wanted the zipper chain to be packaged, on spools or skeins. Their response was odd; they did not know there was any other way to get the zipper chain as their previous supplier simply told them that was how it came. They were thrilled to learn we could spool up the chain in quantities they wanted, in a particular direction on the spool, and we even marked splices for them a certain way so their seamstresses knew in advance when a splice was on the way. After we got them the spooled zipper chain, we even worked with their in house managers to devise systems to feed the zipper chain directly to their sewing machines. Needless to say, this potential customer turned into a regular for Supreme Zipper Industries.

Sometimes re-spooling is the answer, as it was with that futon cover manufacturer. But other times, the quantity an item is packaged in is the issue. Many of the customers Supreme Zipper Industries sells to are resellers of the products. They buy from us in large quantities and sell retail or in smaller wholesale quantities. For this to be effective, the “put ups” as we call them, the amount per spool, per bag, or per box may need to be different from how we stock the item in our warehouse. For instance, we have an upholstery supply company that needs sliders bagged with only 100 pieces per bag. We stock them in cases of 10,000 pieces. Although their order may be for the 10,000 pieces, they need it in 100 little bags, sealed and marked, so they can sell them as part of a mixed order of many other supplies to that upholstery customer. We have special equipment to carry out just such tasks so our customer gets what they need. See, repackaging can be important too!

Then there are the packaging needs of some customers that come along only once. We had a chain of stores one time that wanted to offer a “grab bag” of zippers as a single item in their stores. We discussed what types of things they wanted in the grab bag; boy was it diverse. They wanted about fifty different zippers in that bag; all different kinds, lengths, colors, and configurations. After we determined what they wanted in the bag, we had to design the way the bag and the identification labels were to look. When they were satisfied, they placed the order for almost 5,000 of these grab bags which would have to be shipped directly to about 25 stores, 200 bags per store. We set up a little assembly line of all the different zippers, made up the packaging, filled the bags, sealed and marked them, and sent them on their way to all those stores. Keep in mind, this all happened in about a week. So, we are open to a one of a kind packaging need too. If you can dream it up, and it involves a zipper, we will work out the details for you.